Introducing Adi Denner 

Adi Denner in Purple Dress

Adi Denner is an aspiring Opera singer, YA and Fantasy Author, and an Artist.
Her passion for the arts emerged at a young age, making her explore all its forms- acting, singing, writing, drawing, painting and even cooking.

Born and raised in Israel, Denner works in all fields to develop her professional career, and embark on new artistic adventurers. She pursued a degree in in classical singing at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and graduated in 2016.

During her free hours, Adi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading all night long, watching movies, baking (Yummy!), and practicing Yoga.

Adi always aspires to the highest level of work and believes happiness and success come from learning to enjoy the entire journey and not the destination.

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From Ashes to Magic

Rebirth- A.Denner

Immortality always comes with a sacrifice. But how can Nova finish the deed when her Prey is the only one that can save her?

From Ashes to Magic

Singing Performances

Here are just a few amazing performances of Adi from her Youtube Channel

Songs of wine and love – Dramma per musica – Yosef Bardanashvili

Hexenlied by Mendelssohn

“The Salley Gardens” by John Corigliano

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Andre the giant with little boy at airport

More Denner Realted Musicians

Inventor of the Clarinet, Johann Christoph Denner and German Painter Balthasar Denner