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My name is John Denner and I am honored share with you these Amazing Human Beings who share the Name Denner…   

When I first came up with the idea to create a Website dedicated to the Denner, I had no idea just how many Extraordinary People I would discover. Below you will find a list of  people ranging from Inventors, Musicians, Guitar Players, Business Executives and Scientists to name a few.

 Bear in mind this is not a complete list by any measure. After all this website is a work in progress. If  there is anyone you believe I have missed, please contact me (John Denner) and I will be sure to add them to the list of Notable People. 


Inventor of the Clarinet

Johann Christoph Denner  was a German Musician and Instrument maker who invented the Clarinet between the years 1690 and 1700.

Nicki Denner

Jazz and Latin Artist

Nicki Denner has worked with music legends such as  Sheila E, and Doc Severinsen from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Francois Denner SCS Aerospace Group CEO

SCS Aerospace Group CEO

Francois Denner, the Group CEO at SCS Aerospace Group, an innovative organization of satellite engineering companies.

French Actor Charles Denner

French Actor

Charles Denner a French actor born to a Jewish family in Tarnów, Poland.  Most remembered for his role in the movie The Man Who Loved Women.

Volkmar Denner of Bosch Global

German Business Executive

Volkmar Denner is a German business executive who is the current CEO of Bosch Global
Volkmar Denner was born in Germany

Alex Denner

Activist Investor

Alex Denner , is the Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner at Sarissa Capital Management LP. (Located in Greenwich Connecticut) 

Actor and Business Executives 

Balthasar Denner

German Painter

Balthasar Denner was a German portrait painter born in Hamburg Germany who was highly regarded as one of, if not the greatest portraitist of his time. 

Jill Denner Research Scientist

Research Scientist

Jill Denner, is a senior research scientist at Education, Training, Research, a non-profit organization in California. 

Michael Denner Guitarist and Musician

Heavy Metal Guitarist

Michael Denner is a Danish heavy-metal guitarist and former member of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.

Musician, Artist, and Scientist

John Denner with Wife Kate Denner

John And Kate

John and Kate Music

John Denner (Piano) and Kate Denner (Vocals) met almost a decade ago and were married on August 21, 2011. Almost immediately, they set out in full-time missionary work. The Denner’s are both professional musicians and chose to use their music as a tool to reach people for Jesus Christ.

Jacob Denner

Instrument Maker

Jacob Denner was a well known Instrument maker, credited for his recorders which have become the model for many modern instruments. Jacob is reported to have worked for the Medecis court in Florence in the year 1708.

About John Denner

John D Denner

Welcome to my website featuring the People, Places and History of All Things Denner.  Learm More About John Denner 

Volkmar Denner of Bosch Global

American Poet and Author

Richard Denner  is an American poet associated with the Berkeley Street Poets and the Poets of the Pacific Northwest. Denner is the founder and operator of dPress, which has published over two hundred titles, mostly of poetry and most in chapbook format.

Joe Denner

Leadership Coach

Joe Denner, a former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer has taken his expertise from years of leading and managing and now works as a leadership coach.

Denner Ensemble Group

Music Ensemble

The Denner Ensemble are Inspired by the famous Besozzi brothers who performed music for oboe and bassoon to great critical acclaim throughout Europe in the 18th Century, the Denner Ensemble was formed to re-establish this and other neglected double-reed repertoire composed by and for some of the most celebrated masters of the 18th century oboe and bassoon.

Adi Denner

Adi Denner

Adi Denner Website  is an Israeli Coloratura Soprano, Writer, Poet and recent alumni of the Jerusalem Academy

Maddy Denner Champion Runner

Two-time CIF-State champion

Maddy Denner is a Two-time CIF-State champion for 1600 meters and the MileSplitCA Girls Track Athlete of the Year for 2018

John Denner Guitar Hero

A True Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero John Denner was born in 1974 to a Jewish family in Hamburg Germany.  John has become a world-class rock guitar player and inventor who designed and patented a special arm/guitar sleeve with a pick at the end that allows him to play guitar and then spent countless hours, days, and weeks mastering the instrument,

Names and Dates

Denner History

There is more to exploring your Denner ancestry than just gathering a bunch of names and dates. Understanding where your ancestors lived, how they were employed, and what they did for fun, may give you a better appreciation of your heritage.

Keep in mind it is quite possible for two people to be given the Name Denner for entirely different reasons. Discovering the country from which your ancestors originated can often yield additional clues and meaning. Keep in mind that it was not unusual for a last name to be altered as an ancestor entered a new country.

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Hand Crafted Recoders

Hand Crafted Recoders

Denner Edition Alto recorder after Jacob Denner (Denner-Edition 442) These Amazing Hand-crafted baroque recorders are at the Top of the Class among baroque alto recorders at modern pitch. Highest soloistic demands The basis of the historical bore shape are concepts...

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Denner Ensemble

Denner Ensemble

Since its formation in 2001, the Denner Ensemble has had nothing but praise for its uplifting, energetic and engaging performances from music clubs, theatres, museums and festivals throughout the United Kingdom. The Music Ensemble are inspired by the famous Besozzi...

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History of the Clarinet

History of the Clarinet

Brief History of The Clarinet Invented by Johann C Denner Most musical instruments evolve into their present form over many centuries—so gradually that it is hard to pinpoint a date they were invented. This is not the case with the clarinet, a tube-shaped single-reed...

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Les Paul

Les Paul

Gibsons First Solid Body Electric YOU CAN’T TALK GUITARS WITHOUT LES PAUL. More accurately, you can’t talk about even recording music without Les Paul. The lifelong innovator created echo delay, overdubbing, multitracking and more. You can't overstate Les Paul's...

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Joe Denner

Joe Denner

Joe DennerJoe Denner, a former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer has taken his expertise from years of leading and managing and now works as a leadership coach and trainer to help small business owners and executives to achieve the success they are...

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Denner Ditch Digger

Denner Ditch Digger

Ditch Digger Wine A Rhone-style Red Wine Blend, Denner Ditch Digger combines Black currant, warm chocolate and sultry spices. This Denner Vineyards Wine Blend is Highly fragrant with aromas of fresh red and blue fruits, spicecake and candied rose, joined in the glass...

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